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Command Family Medicine

The Face of Direct Primary Care

Jan 2024

Command Family Medicine in Springfield MO
Photo by Morgan Lea PhotographyDr. John Lilly, DO | Wm. Brock Frazier, Physician Assistant | Dr. Justin Nowlin, MD | Dr. Luke Van Kirk, DO | Natalie Mayfield, LPN, Director of Patient Experience | Erin Horst | Corinne Griffin, Clinic Manager | Samantha Neville, NP-C

Welcome to a revolutionary concept in primary care—one without hassles, long waits and the insurance middleman. It’s called Direct Primary Care, and it’s primary care you control.

The current climate has made it difficult for doctors to give enough time to their patients or to see them at all. All too often, patients wind up in the emergency room or urgent care because they cannot access their primary care physician. But at Command Family Medicine, when you call or text, you’ll get a real person who knows you and your health history, and you’ll have an appointment the same or next day. Your wait won’t be longer than ten minutes, and your visit won’t be rushed. Thanks to our direct-care model, we have the time to take a thorough health history, make more accurate diagnoses, and hopefully avoid unnecessary tests and specialist visits.

With us, you simply pay a flat monthly fee—less than most cell phone or cable bills—for increased access to medical care. We are free from typical insurance constraints, allowing us to help you make decisions that are right for you and your health goals, not dictated by what insurance is willing to pay. The majority of the procedures we provide will only cost you the price of the supplies. And thanks to our wholesale pricing on prescriptions, our patients typically save 80–90% on their medications and labs.

Our highest priorities are the health of our patients and the way they are treated. For individuals, families and employers, our direct care model means outstanding care at affordable prices. On behalf of Dr. Luke Van Kirk, DO, and our Springfield team— Dr. John Lilly, DO; Samantha Neville, NP-C; Wm. Brock Frazier, PA; Natalie Mayfield, LPN; and Dr. Justin Nowlin, MD—and Dr. Charlie Rasmussen, DO, at our Branson location, it is a privilege to create enduring, trusting relationships with our patients.

3238 S. National Ave., Springfield | 417-351-2900 | command.md

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