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Burrell Behavioral Health

The Face of Autism Services

Jan 2024

Burrell Behavioral Health in Springfield, MO
Photo by Morgan Lea PhotographySeth Allen, ED.D. | Brooke Allen, BCBA, LBA

One in 36 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. For each of those children and their families, navigating the diagnosis takes an individualized path. Since 2008, our team of dedicated experts at Burrell Autism Center has helped clients and families to make their worlds bigger by providing a wide range of supports. Led by Seth Allen, Director of Autism, and Brooke Allen, Director of Applied Behavior Analysis, our center provides not only comprehensive diagnostic services but also applied behavior analysis, psychological counseling, speech-language pathology and occupational therapy.

Burrell Autism Center’s area of expertise lies in supporting clients and families to build on their unique strengths while addressing each of their unique needs. Our board-certified behavior analysts each oversee an individualized caseload to help our clients address many types of needs while giving families space to be seen, heard and supported throughout the process.

No one’s life should be limited by a diagnosis, and that’s why we have been a leading autism advocate in Missouri while providing continuous comprehensive support and care for our clients and their families.

300 E Bradford Pkwy Bldg B, Springfield | 417-761-5330 | burrellcenter.com

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