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The Face of Innovative Spaces

Jan 2024

Amy Henson | Victoria Gorham
Photo by Paige & Co. ProductionsAmy Henson | Victoria Gorham

At Grooms Office Environments, we pride ourselves on offering more than the furniture within your four walls. We are a team of professionally skilled partners who work alongside your business or organization to build and develop a strategy that serves your employees and bottom line.

At Grooms, our entire staff is passionate about creating spaces within our community where people make the choice to work, learn, visit or heal. This passion for partnership is why we are presenting our team members who work directly within our community as Workplace Strategists. These experts work alongside our licensed designers, internal staff and skilled installers to design your space with excitement and intention from conception to completion.

Whether it’s a single chair, a new conference room, a startup space, a reconfigure of existing products or a five-year plan to develop your legacy—the Workplace Strategists at Grooms are eager to partner with you.