Faces of 417-Land

Matthew Simpson, M.D.

The Face of Bariatric Surgery

Jan 2024

Matthew Simpson, M.D.
Photo by Morgan Lea PhotographyMatthew Simpson, M.D.

Every day, I am reminded that surgery for obesity can transform someone’s life for the better, and it’s this kind of transformation that makes me love what I do. As a metabolic and bariatric surgeon, I perform gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch surgeries, as well as revisions of previous bariatric surgery.

So often, my patients have tried every other intervention on the market. Together, we develop a treatment plan based on their history, contributing factors and prior interventions. Throughout treatment, we celebrate the “non-scale victories” that allow them to live life to the fullest.

The results of bariatric surgery are profound: Not only do patients lose weight, but surgery often cures or improves other health issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. As I witnessed these kinds of changes, I was inspired to become one of the first surgeons to attain the Focused Practice Designation in metabolic and bariatric surgery through the American Board of Surgery.

It’s my privilege to care for individuals of all ages, genders and backgrounds. So many patients tell me they wonder why they waited so long. If obesity impacts you or someone you love, let’s have a conversation. The outcome will be life-changing.