Faces of 417-Land


The Face of Community Banking.

Jan 2021

Mark Harrington, Ryan Sutherland, Connie Gold, Jessica Sims of Old Missouri Bank OMB Springfield MO
Photo by Brad ZweerinkMark Harrington, President and CEO; Ryan Sutherland, SVP & Senior Commercial Lender; Connie Gold, VP, Private Banking; Jessica Sims, VP, Business Development Officer

Small businesses are not only the heart of our city, but the heart of our bank. We love partnering with the entrepreneurs, dreamers and risk-takers who make the Springfield area thrive!

Celebrating our 21st year as a Springfield business, we know that the success of our bank goes hand in hand with the success of our customers and our community, and we are heavily involved in making our region a better place to work, live and play. 

We are proud to be the Face of Community Banking and growing southwest Missouri!

3570 S. National Ave., Springfield | 417-869-9000 | oldmissouribank.com
1535 W. Sunshine St., Springfield | 417-869-0168
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