Faces of 417-Land

Rick’s Automotive

The Face of Automotive Services.

Jan 2019

Rick's Hughlett of Rick's Automotive: 417 Magazine's Face of Automotive Services
Photo by Brad ZweerinkRick Hughlett, owner of Rick's Automotive.

You can trust Rick’s Automotive. Founded in 1980, we started by working with 417 families on their personal vehicles. We grew to maintain ambulances for both local hospitals and now also maintain fleet vehicles for up to 150 local companies of all sizes. No matter how large we grow, we continue to appreciate the business of individuals for their personal family cars! 

Springfield trusts Rick’s Automotive, and we take that trust seriously. Our technicians are 100 percent dedicated to their work and make it a priority to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies. Many have been on our team for 20 years—some even 30!

We’ve worked hard for almost four decades to earn and keep the trust of 417-land, and we’ll continue to do so for decades to come. That’s why Rick’s is proud to be your Face of Automotive Services.

2121 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield | 417-887-2225 | ricksautomotive.com

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