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When your health or the health of a family member is on the line, where do you turn for help? All 545 experts on our annual Top Doctors list were nominated by their peers, and they represent the best in medical and surgical care.

Top Doctors 2024 Nominations Are Closed

If you or a loved one required medical treatment, which physician would you choose? Which medical experts exemplify excellence in their respective specialties? These questions form the basis of 417 Magazine’s annual Top Doctors survey, in which we ask medical professionals to nominate their peers for editorial recognition. Nominations for 2024 are now closed.

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Top Doctors is a nomination-based project in which we ask physicians in the area to vote for doctors in various specialties. We ask the doctors to vote for the physicians they would trust to care for their family and friends—experts who exemplify excellence in their specialties.

This list is a service to our readers, giving them a doctor’s perspective regarding the top doctors in dozens of specialty areas. The list is intended to allow patients to see and celebrate their doctors who make the list. It also gives health care seekers a place to see doctors highlighted for achievement and reputation, and can be a great tool for finding the right doctors for their needs.

To complete this nomination project, 417 Magazine contracts DataJoe Research to conduct nominations using an online ballot for collecting, vetting and tallying the votes. DataJoe Research is a survey/research company specializing in data collection and verification, and conducts various nominations across the United States on behalf of publishers.

Only licensed doctors practicing in 417-land are eligible to make the list, and voting is open only to practicing doctors in 417-land. Nominations for the 2022 Top Doctors list are open now.

If you have any questions about Top Doctors please contact us.

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