Small Bites

Fresh Pico de Gallo

A simple pico de gallo for a fresh summer salsa. Find the freshest produce at local farmers markets during peak tomato season. Recipe courtesy Sean Killingsworth.

Fresh Pico de Gallo

Makes 1 bowl. Recipe courtesy Sean Killingsworth of The Grove Salsa Company.

3 tomatoes
1 red onion
1 or 2 jalapeños (to taste)
1 bunch cilantro
½ lime
½ tsp sea salt (to taste)

To Prepare
Dice tomatoes, onion, jalapeños and cilantro and add them to a bowl. If you like a more mild taste, take out all of the jalapeño seeds and membranes and dice very finely. Squeeze the lime juice into the bowl and add salt.  Stir it all together and you are ready to serve.