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Submit your 417-land photography to be featured in print.

Apr 2024

Prairie State Park, Missouri
Photo by Brandon AlmsGot a gorgeous shot you want to see in print? Submit it here! Purchase Photo

What is Parting Shot?

Parting Shot is our way of highlighting what makes 417-land so special at the end of each issue. You can submit your own photos to be featured in a future issue by using the form here. Just make sure you read over what we're looking for before you submit.

Rules for Submission

• What are we looking for? We want your photos of lifestyle, art, nature, local scenery, urban landscapes, food or anything else that shows the reader why we’re lucky to live where we do.
• All photos submitted must be your own.
• Keep it PG—we will not accept any explicit content.
•  The photo must be relevant to 417-land or the Ozarks. We are looking for images of regional locations, moments, scenes, etc. that capture life in 417-land, shot by local photographers.
• Vertical orientation preferred.
• Multiple entries are accepted, but keep in mind a photo/photographer will only be featured once.
• Please make sure you submit a high-resolution image.

What’s not accepted

• Portrait photography or photographs where a person or group of people are the main focus.
• Product photography or photos that specifically promote a business or service.
• Explicit content of any kind.
• AI-generated images or illustrations.

Thank you again for submitting your photos. Please use the form below to submit up to five photos. If you have any problems with the form contact