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Whole House Interior Design 2023 Winner

The goal of the winning 2023 project was to update an early 2000s home inside and out with timeless finishes, whimsical art and a mix of contemporary and antique accessories.

by Tessa Cooper

Jun 2023

Whole House Interior Design 2023 winner
Photo by Leah StiefermannThe 2023 winning home’s exterior used to feature inset wooden borders painted dark black, which Courtney chose to replace with cast stone for a softer look. “The original window sills were similar to Phenix Marble, so we wanted to emulate that look at the top of every window,” says Jake Gullett, general contractor for the project. Gullett’s team also replaced the exterior stone facade from a cultured stone to an authentic quarried stone. The end result is a traditional piece with a contemporary flair. Purchase Photo

Winning Designers

• Courtney Beykirch, CGB Designs
• Kara Bruner, Canvas Design

Project Goal Summary

To update an early 2000s home inside and out with timeless finishes, whimsical art and a mix of contemporary and antique accessories. Additionally, to enhance its layout without extending its footprint.

Courtney and Greg Beykirch’s Highland Springs home features a mélange of complementary styles. Jewel tones pop against pastels, and details like crown molding and trim create a classic backdrop for contemporary and antique furniture alike.

In its current state, it’s surprising to learn this home was entirely unrecognizable just two years ago. When the Beykirches purchased the house, it featured tell-tale signs of an early 2000s new build, and there was no showpiece or anchor point to draw your interest. 

Now, when you pull open the custom wrought iron door, a newly added fireplace immediately catches your eye. Next, your attention trails into the distance to the den with white oak built-ins and a matching coffered ceiling. On your left, you’ll see a dining room with teal silk wallpaper.

When reimagining the home’s potential, the couple knew they wanted to make major changes to enhance its beauty, form and function. To help, they brought on general contractor Jake Gullett with JBG Services. He kept the entire process running smoothly throughout the supply chain issues and delays amid the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Home designer Susie Wieland with Wieland Studios improved the original floor plan. This included expanding the primary bath and closet area, which added more storage and room for both a bathtub and shower. Additionally, Courtney wanted interior stair access to the attic, so Susie drew up plans for annexing the attic space to make a large upstairs bonus area for the couple’s children to lounge. This space originally only featured a garage entrance. With the new interior entrance, they were able to remove the old staircase from the garage.

Whole House 2023 winner living room photo
Photos by Tessa CooperThe area rugs throughout are another example of Courtney’s love for blending styles. Several of them are authentic, hand-woven and custom Oushak rugs. However, these rugs stray away from the typical dark color palette of many antique rugs and venture into a lighter color scheme. The end result is a traditional piece with a contemporary flair.
Whole House 2023 winner bathroom
Photos by Tessa CooperWhen you enter the main bathroom, Portinari marble backsplash behind the bathtub immediately catches your eye, while the vaulted powder blue ceiling draws your eye up. The white oak vanities create consistency in the home by matching the wood in the kitchen and den.
Whole House 2023 winner bathroom hallway
Photos by Tessa CooperThe home features a plethora of custom, solid wood built-ins by Fritz Designs throughout. The mudroom and laundry room pictured here was originally part of the garage.

This created extra room, which Courtney suggested turning into an interior mudroom entry and laundry room. 

“Courtney has such good taste, and she also had a good vision for how she wanted the house to flow,” Wieland says. “When I come in to talk to someone, it is very helpful when they have strong knowledge of how they plan to use the house and how their furniture might be set up. It helps me do my job. You can cover up a poorly designed floor plan with beautiful interiors, but you’re always going to struggle to fix problems with color and furniture placement. So we did the best we could with fixing the floor plan, so it wasn’t such a struggle to do everything else.” 

Since Courtney was living in West Plains as construction started, she contracted designer Kara Bruner with Canvas Design to help out as a for Springfield-area suppliers. While Courtney selected most of the furniture and decor accessories herself, Bruner was especially helpful with designing the bones and backdrop of the house. This included the plumbing fixtures, tile, panel molding, detailed trim and coffered ceilings. Many of the other selections were a collaborative effort between the two, such as the wallpaper and paint choices. 

Obelisk Home is where Courtney went to source much of the new furniture. A few pieces are also antique or high-end vintage, such as the authentic midcentury dining chairs by Baker Furniture and the flame mahogany table in the Regency style. 

She filled her walls with an art collection she’s amassed over time, and even the light fixtures look like pieces you’d see on display in a museum. For example, a plaster light fixture by New Orleans artist Julie Neill hangs above the bathtub in the primary bathroom. “I’m a fan of artistic sculptures in the form of light fixtures,” Courtney says. “To me, that’s what they are. They’re a piece of art in their own right. In some ways, this house is a gallery of things I like artistically.”

Whole Home winner 23 interior
Photos by Tessa CooperThe den was formerly a screened-in porch. Now, the room is more functional as a family lounge area with custom built-ins.
Whole House 23 dining
Photos by Tessa CooperThe top of the table in the breakfast nook perfectly matches the oven range’s marble backsplash because they came from sister slabs.
Kitchen Whole Home 2023
Photos by Tessa CooperIn the kitchen, custom white oak cabinetry contrasts against the surrounding soapstone counters and the deep hue of the island. Across from the island is a separate paneled freezer column on one side and a fridge column on the other.


Drapery and Window Treatments
Candice Dingman at Living Spaces
4268 S. Hillcrest, Suite 107, Springfield, 417-887-8577

Wood Floors
Eagle Hardwood Floors
Webb City and Joplin, 417-988-6888

Final Touch Interiors
Springfield, 417-881-0541

Wall Coverings
Final Touch Interiors
Springfield, 417-881-0541

Wall Coverings
Seminole Decor
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Counters and Cabinets
Fritz Designs
620 N. Prince Lane, Springfield, 417-425-0922

Mouery's Flooring
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Interior and Exterior Painting
Paradise Paint
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