Learn How to Paint with Texture

In Meike Aton’s texture painting class, learn how to paint with feeling and create artwork from the heart.

By Haley Phillips

Dec 2019

Textured paintings by Meike Anton in Springfield MO
Photos by Meike AntonLearn how to paint with texture and create a work of art to hang in your own home.

Meike Aton, owner and artist of Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery, believes you don't need to paint perfectly like a photograph; instead, you should paint how you feel. After a teaching career and raising her children, the German artist returned to her artistic roots by taking workshops with artists she admired to help hone her skills. Today, Aton holds workshops of her own, teaching students how to paint from the heart using a few unique methods—including painting with texture. This technique has become synonymous with Aton’s work, along with vibrant colors and bold florals, and now you can learn how she does it while creating a masterpiece of your own.

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When: January 21–22, 10 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Cost: $180 or $165 if you sign up by January 4.
Where: 1200 E. Woodhurst Drive, Springfield
To reserve your spot: Contact Meike Aton at 417-343-3481 to leave a message or at