Artful Vintage Puzzles from The Market

Artfully illustrated puzzles bring stylish fun home.

by Heather Kane Kohler

Mar 2021

Vintage puzzle from The Market
Photo by Brandon AlmsPick up a timeless 1,000-piece puzzle by Cavallini & Co. at The Market. Purchase Photo

Puzzles have been having a moment for some time now, so what better way to bring fun and style onto your coffee table than with a puzzle inspired by gorgeous botanical wall charts? Originally, these charts were created as educational tools in the late nineteenth century. Over the years, they grew in popularity and vintage pieces became sought-after wall art for homes. Cavallini & Co. has based their entire business on preserving everyday ephemera and rare iconic images since they were first established in the historic Ferry Building in San Francisco, California in 1989. Today, their replica products are sourced by museums, bookstores and upscale design shops worldwide. Their new line of vintage puzzles features everything from butterflies and wildflower charts to jellyfish and bees and honey charts.

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Vintage 1,000-piece puzzle by Cavallini & Co.
$19.50 at The Market
1961 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, MO, 65804

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