How Jonny and Jen Jeppsen Turned Their Porch into Paradise

Discover how Jonny and Jen Jeppsen gave their porch a southern comfort style.

By Lauren Flynn

Apr 2024

family on porch
Photo By Leah StiefermannThe Jeppsen family makes the most of the nice weather with board games on the porch. Purchase Photo

What is the perfect way to spend time with those you love and enjoy nature at the same time? For Jonny and Jen Jeppsen, the answer is simple; hanging out together on their porch. The Jeppsen’s have been enjoying their lovely plant-filled porch for about a year since they purchased their home. When they first started decorating, they pieced together their collection of outdoor furniture and pieces found from Facebook Marketplace and local antique stores.

The porch has a comfortable living room feel and is screened in, which Jen appreciates. “I had always wanted a screened–in porch. Also, the roof is made out of a tin material, so when it rains, it’s really loud on the roof, and it sounds like it’s all around you,” she says.

Her favorite part about the porch is the view. Spring is the most enjoyable season for Jen and her family because of the nature they get to see, like the cherry tree that stands in front of their porch. “The whole thing turns into a puffy white cloud that smells amazing and is covered in little bees,” Jen says. The family also enjoys listening to all of the birds in their yard.

In the warm months, Jen fills her porch with plants. “The plants do so well out here because it’s a filtered light,” she says. She loves watching her plants grow as she cares for them. 

“Plants are one of my favorite ways to decorate because they keep growing bigger and more lush the more care you give them. Watching a baby that I bought become a huge mama over years of care is very rewarding,” she says.

The family enjoys doing many activities on their porch. In the spring, summer and fall they sit and drink coffee together in the morning, and in the evening, they enjoy watching the hummingbirds. Jen says their boys also enjoy sitting and playing games with their friends. “They’ll have a deck of cards out on the table, and they’ll all be crowded around hanging out,” she says.

Photos by Leah StiefermannJeppsen created a collection of unique antique furniture for the porch. Purchase Photo
Photos by Leah StiefermannThe Jeppsens have several pilea peperomioides—plants that are easy to care for and fun to propagate and share. Purchase Photo