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What started as a fun vacation impulse buy led to transforming a southwest Missouri backyard into vacation at home.

by Jennifer Johnmeyer

Mar 2022

Poolside seating outdoor space
Photo by Leah StiefermannAn interior designer, Beverly Moore acted as contractor for this entire project. The loungers are her favorite space, overlooking the pool, mature trees and fireplace entertainment area. “I love it there, when the grass is green,” she laughs. “We had some rough weather last year, but normally, it’s so beautiful. It’s like a green carpet.” Purchase Photo

What started as a fun vacation impulse buy led to transforming a backyard into vacation at home, and Beverly Moore knows exactly where she was when the idea for her backyard makeover formed. “We were on a vacation in Key West, and [my husband] Brock saw a hammock he liked,” says Moore. “I was like, what are you going to do with it, put it in our hot backyard? And he said, ‘Well, if you had your pool…’ It was a snowball effect from that point.”  

“And a really expensive hammock,” Brock adds.

The project sparked a creative flame within Moore, an interior designer. After the pool was installed, the space around it revealed further potential. She envisioned a cozy and warm space for family and guests to enjoy after swimming.

“The pool is heated, but you still have to get out eventually,” she says. “It was all part of a master plan. The next thing I knew I wanted was a fireplace, and I wanted it by the pool.” 

And not just any fireplace. The freestanding structure burns wood, but also contains a gas log for ease of operation, an option that was important to Moore and her keen attention to detail. It also serves as a stunning additional focal point, surrounded by a grouping of chairs and tables, overlooking the pool on one side and a mature tree-dappled yard on the other. 

Cornhole at poolside

This backyard is an entertaining mecca, offering friends and guests a place to take a dip and get out of the summer sun, several places to gather and chat and lawn games just for fun.

Chair in backyard

Moore is a master of finishing touches, and they are evident throughout the entire space. A perfect example of this is the variety of seating options available for guests. The hammock that launched the outdoor transformation proved a jumping-off point. Now, a variety of seating invites conversation and relaxation, such as this modern covered lounger.

Drinks at poolside

It is important to Moore that her guests feel cared for and pampered in the space, and she takes care to ensure that each amenity reflects that.  It's evident in thoughtful details, such as this beautiful beverage service and monogrammed towels.

Photos by Leah Stiefermann

“It’s just a great entertaining spot, as well,” Moore says. “We have loungers on one side of the pool with umbrellas for everyone using the pool, and then we also have this extra space for guests that’s like an outdoor living area, with separate seating and coffee tables.”

Moore acted as general contractor for the entire project, and her eye for detail and perfect finishing touches are evident throughout. “The hammock is long, long gone, but it started something really special,” she says.