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The Munizes’ Farmhouse Dream Porch

The Munizes’ front porch is perfectly balanced with soft neutrals and floral pops of color.

By Jordan Blomquist

May 2024

Photo by Leah StiefermannJennifer Muniz creates a bright space for her front porch. Purchase Photo

As one of the first houses located on their street, the Muniz family always has a perfectly dressed front porch. “I really love and enjoy decorating my front porch,” Jennifer Muniz says. “It gives me great joy to go out and decorate it and share that with the neighborhood.” The house is a beautiful white farmhouse with dark wood and brick accents. The Muniz family—Jennifer, her husband Jeremy and their kids Averi, 22, and Zach, 19—are the first to live in the house, which was built about five years ago by Ogden Homes LLC.

Jeremy and Jennifer use their porch most to unwind in the evenings. “Our neighborhood has a lot of people that walk—families that walk, couples that walk—so we get to visit with our neighbors,” Jennifer says. Hydrangea bushes line the front of the porch, complemented by brick-based pillars at the entrance. “The brickwork is unique,” she says. “I don’t think they make that size brick anymore.” 

front porch
Photos by Leah StiefermannLarge wooden pillars greet you on the walk up to the Munizes’ porch. Purchase Photo
front porch
Photos by Leah StiefermannMuniz uses fresh flowers for pops of color on the porch.

The spring porch is decorated with neutral hues, checkered- and bumblebee-patterned pillows and pops of colors through fresh flowers. “That is my design inspo for the spring,” Jennifer says. The flowers on the porch are all from @theflowersisters3 on Instagram—three sisters who grow flowers, then cut and sell them to raise money for mission projects.

Jennifer also has her own Instagram account, @downshirefarm, dedicated to showcasing her home decorating skills. She derives most of her porch decorating inspiration from Pinterest, incorporating items like rain boots and bushel baskets to infuse character. “My porch is a reflection of my indoor decor,” she says. “I use a mix of vintage and antique pieces along with new in order to create a unique look.”