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A Peaceful Outdoor Escape on the Simon Family's Porch

The Simon family has created a peaceful outdoor escape with their screened-in back porch.

By Jordan Blomquist

Jun 2024

Photo by Brandon AlmsThe Simons decided if they were going to spend money on an extension to their house, they wanted something they’d love. Purchase Photo

Luke and Krystal Simon have created a sweet escape within the city by adding a beautiful screened-in back porch to their home. “The screened-in porch has really turned into one of our most favorite spaces in the house,” Krystal says. “We use it all the time.” They completed the addition in August 2023, and have since enjoyed having peaceful dinners with family and friends, hosting parties and just relaxing in the space with their three children. Krystal often kickstarts her quiet mornings on the screened-in porch with a cup of coffee and her devotions. “It’s everything,” she beams. “We’ll have the fireplace going, you can hear the birds chirping, it’s just a great oasis.” 

They decided to add the space to their home after spending much of their time at the lake and wanting to bring that serene atmosphere to their home in the off-season. “We always viewed the lake as a place where you can get away, and that was our desire,” Krystal says. “We love this outdoor rustic feel that is secluded and intimate, but at the same time it’s part of our house. 

In addition to the changes on the screened in porch, Krystal also updated their front porch to give it a sense of home with lush greenery and vintage lanterns. “I love the feel,” she says. The rocking chairs complement other farm-style features and mirror Krystal’s interior design style, creating a cohesive and cozy ambiance that also matches the inside of the home.

Beyond the aesthetics, what truly makes these porch spaces special are the memories they create with friends and family. “It’s a privilege to have this space, so we want to do good with it,” Krystal says. “For us, that means opening up our home to others.”

Photos by Brandon AlmsRusty MacLachlan custom-built the Simons’ home. They are the second family to live in it. Purchase Photo
Porch furniture
Photos by Brandon AlmsThey added pops of color with blue decor throughout the porch space. Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsThe porch is an extension of the house. The Simons worked to match the stone and style inside the house. Purchase Photo