Make An Earl Grey Tea Latte

Need to change up your morning routine? Try an Earl Grey Tea latte instead of your usual cup of joe.

By Ettie Berneking

Aug 07 2013 at 3:56 a.m.

After working in coffee shops all through high school and college, I have acquired a serious addiction to coffee as well as an arsenal of recipes that allow me to recreate my favorite drinks at home. The Earl Grey tea latte is one such beverage. It’s warm and sweet, easy to make and is the perfect way to wake up on a rainy Wednesday morning. As for the skill level required to make this brew, as long as you can heat milk on the stove without burning yourself, you’re set. When I first fell in love with this drink, I was three days in to a coffee binge and was looking for a way to wean myself off high doses of caffeine. I was up to 12 cups of coffee a day, which, if you’re wondering, can really wreak havoc on your sleeping schedule. Enter the Earl Grey tea latte. From that day on, I've routinely return to this delicious bevvy as my early-morning jolt. If you don’t love Earl Grey tea, you can use almost any black tea you have on hand. Rooibos works really well if you have that. Experiment with your tea of choice until you find the perfect brew.