Your Springfield MO Holiday Gift Guide

We all know shopping local is the way to go when you want to find a meaningful, adorable gift. To make your shopping as efficient as possible, we’ve outlined the perfect presents for every person in your life from the self care guru to the optimists.

Styled by Bree Swanson with Additional Writing from Blake Haynes

Dec 01 2020 at 10 a.m.

Woman's hands gifting a Christmas present
Photo courtesy ShutterstockWhether you're shopping for family or friends this holiday season, Springfield, MO shops and boutiques have lots of great gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Holiday shopping can always be stressful when you have so many people to shop for. Ease your stress this year by shopping local from all your favorite southwest Missouri businesses. Supporting local is important now more than ever. Your family members, friends, significant others, co-workers and more will appreciate your detail of a handpicked, thoughtful gift from a local 417-land business. Make someone's crazy year end on a high note. Happy shopping!  

— Gifts for the Host —

Self care Christmas gifts gifts
Photos by Brandon Alms
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— Gifts for the Optimistic One —

Gifts for the Optimistic One
Photos by Brandon Alms

— Gifts for the Kids —

Gifts for the kids
Photos by Brandon Alms

1. Posh Peanut Swaddle and Headwrap set, $42 at The Market 2. Small Perry polar bear, $23 at Jellybeans 3. If I were a Polar Bear book, $13 at Jellybeans 4. Bottleblonds Jewels mask savers, $22 at Jellybeans 5. Paper Wings layered jersey kids mask, $14 at Jellybeans 6. Frenchie eye mask, $11 at Jellybeans 7. On the Go vacation kit, $12 at The Market 8. Rock and Roll it rainbow piano, $65 at Jellybeans 9. Twin walkie talkie set, $26 at Jellybeans

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— Gifts for the Self-care Enthusiast —

Self Care Gifts
Photo by Brandon Alms

1. Faux fur sleep mask, $15 at The Market 2. Desert Bronze self tanner, $32.99 at Nixa Clothing Company 3. Zo Skin Health Daily skincare program (box of four items), $124 at The Center for Plastic Surgery 4. Shower Burst set, $24 at The Market 5. Towel Scrunchie, $18 at The Market 6. Zo Skin Health Complexion Clearing Masque, $45 at The Center for Plastic Surgery 7. Wanderflower set of four Mask Library, $16 at The Market 8. Zo Skin Health Growth Factor Eye Serum, $130 at The Center for Plastic Surgery  9. Qyx Sonic Plus, $249 at The Center for Plastic Surgery 10. Barefoot Dreams fuzzy socks, $16 each at The Market

— Gifts for the Man in Your Life —

Gifts for the men
Photo by Brandon Alms
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— Gifts for the Accessory Lover —

the best accessories
Photo by Brandon Alms

— Gifts for the Interior Designer —

gifts for the interior designer
Photo By Brandon Alms

1. Pom Pom stocking, $32 at Clothe Boutique 2. Happy House small wood board, $24 at House Counsel 3. Light green beaded pinecone ornament, $7 at House Counsel 4. Felted mushroom ornament, $9 at House Counsel 5. White ball ornament, $5 at House Counsel 6. Felted unicorn ornament, $6.50 at Harrison House Market 7. Dancing Flame chip on lights, $21 at House Counsel 8. White ball ornament, $8.50 at The Market 9. Reindeer tray, $16.95 at Harrison House Market 10. 6.5 in Snowball ornament, $13 at The Market 11. Red and white striped throw blanket, $52 at The Market

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