Table Talk

Table Talk: December 28–January 3

This week: NYE Celebrations, Cocktail Classes and Ideas for Great Drinks at Home.

by Jorge Cespedes

Dec 28 2021 at 8 a.m.

Sparkling wine cocktail stock photo
Photo courtesy ShutterstockMix up your own sparkling wine cocktail at Finley Farms.

Finley Farms Cocktail Workshop

Is everyone as big of a fan of sparkling wine as I am? When I studied wine, during my culinary training, I had the privilege to join a class with a woman called Karen MacNeil. She wrote The Wine Bible, a book that can teach you all you need to know about the world of wine. As she was starting the class with a glass of Champagne, she told us that she always wraps up her work day with a glass of bubbly as a clear mark that the dreary part of the day was over and the relaxing part of the day was starting. Ever since, I’ve loved the idea and tried to incorporate it into my life. New Year’s Eve is perfect for enjoying lots and lots of sparkling wine, so the concept of a sparkling wine cocktail sounds perfect. The team at Finley Farms is setting up a cocktail class focused on this exact theme.

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At-Home Cocktail Ideas

For the next few days, I encourage each and every one of you to give some at-home cocktail making a try—and have fun with it! Maybe you can get your out-of-town relatives to help with the prep, and you might even play with the idea of making food to pair with the drink. Here are some recommendations for you to toy with: Infusing spirits can be a great way to put a twist on a classic. If wine is something you just can’t get enough off, check out Springfield-based Good Clean Wine. Or what about these sweet and spiced cocktails for a cozier evening? There’s nothing better than a classic old-school daiquiri to get the night going and the guests ready to party. And if none of these sound good for you, then let me leave you with one more idea that I think will be right up your alley: sage grapefruit champagne cocktail.

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NYE Celebrations

Throughout the years, your New Year’s Eve celebration changes based on your availability, whether you have all of your family with you or not, or even if you’re traveling around visiting friends. But one thing that’s always constant is the fact that you can find the right party for you somewhere in the Ozarks. We’ve created a list of celebrations that you might like, no matter what kind of festivities you have in mind. These New Year’s Eve events have all of it covered, from awesome fireworks shows to family-friendly events and even a chic night at a top-class resort. However you plan on spending the night, we hope you do it your way and you do it right! Have fun y’all.

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The Morning After

It’s the morning after the big end-of-year celebration, and you are feeling every movement from the night before. Did you hit that dance floor way too hard or enjoy a bit too much champagne? It’s ok, I hear you! So, here’s a list of places to eat so you can, as my editor said, “soak up your sins from the night before.” This Best Breakfasts list covers any and all needs you may have, from feeding the whole family to just you and your significant other. Now, I will close with this: There is something to the saying “hair of the dog,” so if you’re up for it, enjoy it a bit more with some brunch cocktails. It’s only Saturday after all.