Charles E. Woodall, III, MD, MSC, FACS

General Surgery, Oncology

Charles E. Woodall, III, MD, MSC, FACS
Charles E. Woodall, III, MD, MSC, FACS


Ferrell-Duncan Clinic at CoxHealth - General Surgery
1001 E Primrose
Springfield, MO
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About Charles E. Woodall, III, MD, MSC, FACS

Being sick, really sick, can paralyze people with fear, believing their fate is solely in a disease or doctor. But, according to surgical oncologist Dr. Charles Woodall, that’s not true. He says, “No matter the disease and no matter the state, nutrition and physical activity are the two best things patients can do for themselves.” 

Dr. Woodall knows cancer. He knows the best ways to prevent and treat it. Local cancer patients no longer have to travel to the big city for treatment. Dr. Woodall and a team of doctors created a comprehensive liver center tailoring new treatment plans to patients, fighting both primary and metastatic liver cancer. 

As the only fellowship trained surgical oncologist in the region, Dr. Woodall is passionate about keeping people home while getting well. He says, “I returned to the Ozarks so patients wouldn’t have to travel at a time that is already difficult and stressful enough… I interact with oncologists and specialists throughout the region, from all facilities, almost daily. We can facilitate your care locally.” 

People in a life and death battle need a doctor they trust. Dr. Woodall is honest and straightforward and focuses not only on treating cancer but truly making his patients feel better.