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509 S. Union Ave.
Springfield, MO
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About Integrity Pharmacy

Managing pain. It’s like a full-time job, leaving little time for life. Knowing which pill to take at what time, with or without food … it’s easy to get confused. Not with Integrity Pharmacy. Since 2008, patients have given the job of managing pain—or at least their pills—to Integrity Pharmacy. Integrity Pharmacy has overthrown the traditional way of doing things. When a person deals with chronic pain, traveling to the pharmacy and waiting in line can be excruciating. No more. Using robotic technology, pills are sealed in a clearly labeled package, detailing the medication along with the date and time it should be taken. Thirty days worth of these packets are placed into an individualized CAREpack. And CAREpacks are delivered to the patient’s home at no charge. Home delivery and medication management aren’t the only complimentary services provided by Integrity Pharmacy. Patients receive an in-home visit from a pharmacy nurse. A registered nurse will also discuss medication needs and what to expect from the Integrity staff. One thing to expect is a monthly phone call to review any prescription changes. Managing pain can be a full-time job. Give the job to Integrity Pharmacy and get back to life.


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