Global Flavors at European Market & Bakery

The cuisine of Eastern Europe has much to offer, and you can explore it at European Market & Bakery.

By Jorge Cespedes

Jun 2022

Stock photo of woman shopping in a supermarket
Photo courtesy ShutterstockTake a shopping trip to European Market & Bakery to bring flavors from Eastern Europe into your home.

When thinking of European food, the east side of the continent’s cuisine is not the first thing that comes to mind, yet their cuisines offer some seriously tasty things. I’m here to help you find some unique items within a market that might feel unfamiliar. This one in particular, European Market & Bakery (3023 E. Sunshine St., Springfield), sells lots of sweet cookies and desserts, chocolates, canned seafood, lots of delicious cured, aged meats, frozen dumplings and jarred sauces. I’ve discovered quite the product in the latter category. The brand Janarat makes Ayvar Traditional (sometimes Ajvar), a roasted bell pepper, eggplant, tomato and garlic spread used as a condiment for cheese and meats. But in my case, I like to use it as a marinade for roasted chicken. See my recipe on this page.