Two Local Eateries with Keto Friendly Dishes

Are you tired of meal prepping? Keto lovers are in luck! These two Springfield Restaurants are offering keto compliant dishes for when you want to ditch that monotonous meal routine.

By Vivian Wheeler

Mar 2019

Crave Cookie Dough in Springfield, MO
Photo courtesy Crave Cookie Dough

It seems as if the keto diet is everywhere these days. You can hardly browse social media or walk past the break room without hearing about the high-fat diet that’s taking Instagram and Pinterest by storm. While the diet invites some controversy, its popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and a couple local restaurants have taken notice. If you are on the keto train, or even just a bit keto-curious, two restaurants offer keto-compliant dishes. The Pitch Pizza & Pub has four varieties of keto pizza, which are baked on a cauliflower crust. You can then wash down your meal with a keto chocolate mousse cake. If your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied, stop by Crave Cookie Dough for a keto-friendly version of its signature cookie dough.