Nonna's Comforting Lasagna Arrabbiata

A lot of carbs and a little hint of heat make this lasagna the ultimate comfort food.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Dec 2020

Bread is a comforting carb of choice for a lot of people, but I’ll take pasta any day: simple cacio e pepe, stuffed homemade ravioli, and especially anything made with fat rigatoni. But there is something especially soul-enriching about the layers of flavor in the lasagna arrabbiata from Nonna’s Italian Café (306 South Ave., Springfield, 417-831-1222). In between layers of tender pasta is the meat and cheese (of course!) that make any lasagna dish irresistible and satisfying. But the sauce brings it home. It has just a hint of spice—not too much, but enough to tickle your tongue—in a vodka sauce that is the perfect blend of acidic tomato and the comfort of cream. It’s one of those “I should save half of this for later, but I won’t” kind of meals.

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