Stock Up on Loose-Leaf Tea from this Branson-Based Shop

Elijah's Raw Herb Supply in Branson, Missouri sells beautiful loose-leaf tea blends perfect for filling up your empty mug.

By Katie Pollock-Estes

Feb 2020

loose leaf tea
Photo courtesy ShutterstockFind an abundance of beautiful loose-leaf teas at Elijah’s Raw Herb Supply.

When we want our tea (a.k.a. hand-warming mugs of joy) to look as pretty as it tastes, we are always drawn to colorful loose-leaf varieties filled with lovely dried leaves, flowers and fruit. Elijah’s Raw Herb Supply offers tons of organic varieties of herbal, yerba mate, black and green loose leaf teas. Based in Branson, Missouri, the company focuses on organic tea that is free of preservatives and artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. Order online at elijahsrawherbsupply.com or find Elijah’s Raw Herb Supply at Farmers Market of the Ozarks.