Mocktails from 417 Cocktails

Delicious mocktail and cocktail kits from 417 Cocktails so everyone at family dinner can enjoy a unique handcrafted beverage.

By Jorge Cespedes

Jan 2022

mocktail sitting on plate
Photo by Leah StiefermannThese delicious mocktails still offer the same level of flavor and delight without the alcohol. Purchase Photo

We know that dry January is something that a lot of us like to practice after the more indulgent winter holidays have ended, but that doesn’t mean we have to skip on fun or flavor. The crew at 417 Cocktails (2672 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield), which makes cocktail and mocktail kits, has created an awesome non-alcoholic beverage for us using their kit recipes, and we think it’s exactly what we need to get this new year started: The Berry-Elderflower Ginger Shrub Mocktail. In an old fashioned rocks glass filled with ice, house made berry-elderflower shrub is topped with ginger beer and garnished with berry sugar and candied ginger. (These shrubs are made with organic vinegar, and make a great gut-healthy drink, especially with the ginger beer.)