Sample a Digestif from Cherry Picker Package + Fare

After your Thanksgiving feast, finish off your meal with something different. This holiday season try a digestif from Cherry Picker.

By Tessa Cooper

Nov 2023

Thanksgiving is a time of overindulgence, and we love it for that. We’re firm believers that one of the best ways to cap off a good feast is with a digestif. The French and Italians have long been using these aged spirits as a way to soothe an unsettled stomach after a large meal, and the idea is that the bitter herbs and botanicals in this after-dinner drink help aid in digestion. If you want to reap the benefits this Thanksgiving, pay a visit to Cherry Picker Package + Fare (601 S. Pickwick Ave., Springfield). Cherry Picker sells Fernet-Branca by the bottle, an Italian digestif containing a blend of herbs, roots and spices. The exact recipe has been kept secret since 1845, which is certainly an impressive feat. Fernet-Branca has an intense and complex peppermint-forward flavor profile. If you want to try it out before committing to a bottle, you can order a shot from behind the bar served neat or on the rocks.

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