Shopping for Sips in Springfield, Missouri

Now you can get your favorite locally made cocktail mixers from a new brick-and-mortar shop.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Oct 2022

Photo courtesy Shutterstock417 Cocktails is serving your favorite locals drinks.

Since 2021, 417 Cocktails (211 S. Market Ave., Suite 103, Springfield) has been selling creative and flavorful handmade cocktail mixers and cocktail kits online.

Now, they’ve opened a shop in downtown Springfield that sells their own concoctions along with a bunch of other tasty fare. Here are a few of the things we’re loving at the 417 Cocktails shop.

• 417 Cocktails products including dried citrus garnishes, mixer kits in flavors like pear-vanilla vodka and liquor-infusion kits in fun flavors like “Spice My Life” to create tequila with a punch of heat

• High-end mixers like Patrick Font fancy juices and Southside Alchemy bloody mary mix

• Interesting simple syrups and bitters in a variety of brands and flavors like saffron and espresso simple syrups and jalapeno-lime

• Cocktail accouterments, like stuffed olives and boozy cherries

• Pretty glassware in a ton of styles and sizes

• Fun items for zhuzhing up your charcuterie board, like Dilly Dally dilly beans and Conundrum maple-smoked cashews

• Free samples on Saturdays—I mean, who wouldn’t love that?