Team Taco's TT Jalapeño Pomegranate Margarita

Team Taco's margarita combines the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Dec 2020

Team Taco's TT Jalapeno Pomegranate Margarita
Photo by Laura WeisEnjoy your favorite tacos along with this spicy and sweet margarita.

If you’re like me, Team Taco (1454 E. Cherry St., Springfield) is one of the places that pops into mind when you really need to satisfy a craving for tacos. Cocktails aren’t the first thing that comes to mind for me, but Team Taco has some seriously lovely drinks on the menu. Take the TT Jalapeño Pomegranate Margarita for example. It starts with Team Taco’s house-infused tequila that uses sliced jalapeños to give it just a little bit of bite. Then pomegranate juice is added for a fruity but not-too-sweet touch. Plus it’s the sweetest hot pink hue. So here’s what we recommend you do next time that taco craving hits: Grab a friend who harbors a deep appreciation for tacos, order a couple of pork belly–filled Globetrotter tacos, and sip on the TT Jalapeño Pomegranate Margarita.

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