The Cafe de Olla from El Cafecito

The Café de Olla from El Cafecito is lightly sweetened and spiced to perfection.

By Tessa Cooper

Jan 2024

A Café de Olla is a black coffee beverage with warming spices that hails from Mexico, but you don’t have to take a trip across the border to try one for yourself. Just stop by El Cafecito (2462 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield). Be sure to reserve time to enjoy it at the shop rather than to go because the hot beverage comes in a beautifully painted clay mug called a “jarrito,” which means little jug in Spanish. In fact, serving a Café de Olla in a clay mug is key because it lends a subtle, earthy flavor. This drink doesn’t contain any milk or cream, but trust us, it doesn’t need it. El Cafecito simmers the black coffee with Piloncillo, a pure form of cane sugar, and cinnamon sticks, both of which they import from Mexico. This drink will warm your soul on even the dreariest of winter days.