Bite-Size Review of El Maseton Lechonera

The flavors of Puerto Rico are bold, and we can’t get enough of them at El Maseton Lechonera.

By Jorge Cespedes

Apr 2022

Couple in front of food truck
Photo By Leah StiefermannBibi and Abiezer, owners of El Maseton Lechonera, have a red carpet rolled out in front of their truck to make it a VIP dining experience. Purchase Photo

El Maseton Lechonera is a perfect example of what passion and joy look like from the moment you walk up to this big, black, professional-looking food truck that normally parks on 1661 E. Saint Louis St., next to the Latino market on the right. Bold and loud dancing music is blaring from the speakers and the big roaster on the back of the truck is at full blast cooking a Puerto Rican-style whole hog. Here’s what I had and I totally recommend it: I started with yuca con mojito de ajo that’s covered with a delicious garlic-citrus sauce. Then I moved to the classic mofongo con lechon y ensalada. Mofongo is a traditional dish made with fried green plantains that are mashed with garlic, salt, olive oil and broth in a wooden pilon. The lechon is the roasted pig, and the ensalada is a creamy coleslaw to just put the cherry on top.