Grab a Bite at Bricktown Brewery

An Oklahoma-based eatery puts indulgent twists on comfort food favorites.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Feb 2019

food at bricktown brewery in springfield, MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe fried avocado appetizer is a fan favorite. Purchase Photo

Not long after Bricktown Brewery (2040 E. Independence St., Springfield, 417-887-0100) opened in Springfield, I popped in for a visit with my husband and kids on a Sunday. We were there in time for an early dinner, but the place was already packed—bustling with noisy conversation and various sports that were broadcast on many, many screens. We sat down at a high-top, hungry and ready for some stick-to-your-ribs goodness. After our server brought us the avocado fries appetizer, giant plate of Nachosaurus nachos and cast iron skillet filled with steaming hot Green Chile & Chicken Mac and Cheese, we tucked in. Both the adults and the kids in our crew enjoyed the interesting takes on comfort food. The nachos were truly ridiculous—piled so high they toppled as soon as we dug in. But nachos are made to be messy and indulgent, and we loved every topping-heavy bite. My favorite was the mac and cheese, which had enough of a spicy kick to make things interesting, but not enough to send me to my water glass after every nibble. And although we all adored the fried avocado (so creamy!), their dipping sauces left a little something to be desired. All in all, our meal was delicious, indulgent and full of at least a few surprises. (Bonus fun fact: A couple of Bricktown’s own beers are brewed for the Springfield store at nearby Piney River Brewing Company, for a real Springfield infusion.)