A Bite-Size Review of Fire & Ice's New Breakfast Menu

Discover the new changes at Fire & Ice.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Mar 2023

Menu items
Photo by Brandon AlmsWith new menu items like Strawtella Toast and Breakfast Mac & Cheese, Fire & Ice have been adding a variety of new dishes. Purchase Photo

There have been a lot of changes recently at Fire & Ice, the restaurant located in the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center in northeast Springfield. First they underwent a big remodel project, and then they released a breakfast menu. And at press time, Fire & Ice’s chef DJ Ball had just been named Chef of the Year by the Southwest Missouri Restaurant Association. Whoa! They must be out of breath after all that. The breakfast menu in particular is fun news for foodie folks, and it features a variety of morning fare. There’s the sweet Strawtella Toast with Nutella and strawberries and the savory Smoked Hash with brisket, eggs, home fries, veggies and smoked cheddar. But we’re most excited about the Breakfast Mac & Cheese. It features little orecchiette pasta smothered in smoked cheddar sauce and topped with scrambled eggs and chopped bacon. Yum, right?

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