Try The Gochu at 14 Mill Market

Our review of the new flavorful fusion at 14 Mill Market.

By Tessa Cooper

May 2024

I’m always on the hunt for food that’s delicious, nourishing, filling and fast. After trying The Gochu for the first time, I can definitely say it meets all four criteria. My husband Chandler and I decided to try out the new addition to 14 Mill Market (203 E. Mt. Vernon St., Nixa) on a cloudy Saturday evening.

When we arrived, the food hall was lively and bustling, but we were still able to snag a table with ease. As far as our tab went, we ordered the hibachi yaki noodles with tofu and the Korean fried chicken with sweet chili sauce. I’m a sucker for a beautiful beverage, so I knew we had to try the purple yuzu lemon drink and an iced Thai tea as well. I’ve yet to meet an iced Thai tea I didn’t like, but this one was extra delicious thanks to the layer of cloud-like foam on top. The purple yuzu lemonade is also a layered drink, with hibiscus and butterfly pea tea on top and lemonade sweetened with Korean honey on the bottom. The tea portion had a light fruity flavor, while the lemon definitely came forward the most.

Chandler’s Korean chicken looked delicious and a bit like a more nutrient-dense version of Springfield-style sweet-and-sour chicken, thanks to the addition of fresh greens. My hibachi yaki noodles were full of cooked veggies like mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli, onion and carrots. However, my favorite part of this dish, surprisingly, wasn’t the noodles or the delicious Japanese mayo drizzle. It was actually the pickled ginger on top, which offered a woody yet acidic flavor to the dish. I left feeling full but not too heavy, and also a bit sad that the iced Thai tea was already all gone.