Back-to-School Necessities

Mack back to school a breeze with stylish backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes, cute writing utensils, organizers and more.

By Callie Hindman and Heather Kane

Aug 2018

Back to school essentials
Photo by Brandon AlmsChannel your inner Cher and take advantage of back-to-school goodies that will organize and personalize your life. Purchase Photo

1. Mary Square Work Like a Boss spiral notebook, $14.99 at Shaila’s Boutique
2., set of five acrylic straws, $10 at STAXX
3. Picket Fence Savannah umbrella, $19.99 at Shaila’s Boutique
4. Cool It glass water bottle, $28 at STAXX
5. Diamond top twist pen, $3.95 at Baglady Boutique
6. Graphique file folders with gold polka dots, $14.95 at Baglady Boutique
7. power bank, $54 at STAXX
8. Knock Knock, pocket book, $11.95 at Baglady Boutique
9. Mary Square vintage floral lunch bag, $20.99 at Shaila’s Boutique
10. Mary Square business card holder, $14.99 at Shaila’s Boutique
11. Natural life coin purse, $6.95 at Baglady Boutique
12. Hot Stuff thermal mug, $14 at STAXX

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