Experience Virtual Reality Games in Southwest Missouri

417-land spots are making your ’80s Tron fantasies a reality with future-forward virtual reality games.

By Evan Greenberg

Aug 2018

A man places a hand in front of his face as he looks through virtual reality googles
Photo courtesy Shutterstock

Perfect Shot

1809 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, 417-320-6224

Perfect Shot has a range of VR games. Among the most popular on the HTC Vive system it uses are QuiVr—an archery game with a multiplayer option—and a World War II game. There are also lightsaber games, gun and rifle simulators and a VR hunting experience.

Perfect Shot has four VR-compatible rooms and is looking to add a fifth. Booths are set up with one headset per person per booth. What’s especially unique at Perfect Shot is players’ ability to toggle between games if one isn’t to their liking. That’s because players buy time instead of purchasing one particular game. 

“People are amazed even if they’ve had VR on their phone or with their computer setups at home,” says store owner Rebecca Alderman. “This is several notches higher than that.” 

Cost: For the gun simulator: $20 for 15 minutes; $5 for each additional person; $30 for 30 minutes; $10 for each additional person; $50 for an hour; $15 for each additional person. For VR experiences: $20 for 15 minutes; $30 for 30 minutes; $50 for an hour

Andy B’s Restaurant and Entertainment

1127 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-883-1234

Inside Andy B’s Restaurant and Entertainment are a dozen or so VR modules including Hologate, a multiplayer VR platform. Trevor Collins, director of marketing, describes the area, which can accommodate up to four people, as an open-air arena.

Participants have free range of motion, and  goggles are suspended from above and rotate 360 degrees. The most popular game is one that’s galactic-themed. Patrons either have controls or blasters, depending on the game.

Cost: For a 5-minute experience: $6.50 on non-peak hours (Monday–Thursday); $8.50 peak hours (Friday–Sunday)

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