Spanish Coffee from Lindberg's Tavern

The drink is pleasantly warm and has a great bold coffee flavor.

By Rose Marthis

Dec 2015

My favorite sippable desserts are the kind that you know will keep you warm long after you leave the restaurant. On a chilly Friday night, I spent an evening with my boyfriend at Lindberg’s Tavern (318 W. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-868-8900), and we decided to cap off the meal with a Spanish Coffee. Our table was close to the bar, so we watched the bartender execute the multi-step refreshment. First she poured triple sec into a deep, sugar-rimmed wine glass and set it on fire, then she swirled the flaming liquid around and added a sprinkle of nutmeg-cinnamon mix.  Next she added Kahlúa and Bacardi 151 rum, then Big Momma’s coffee filled in the remaining half. Whipped cream and more nutmeg-cinnamon mix topped off the cocktail. The drink was pleasantly warm and had a great bold coffee flavor. We tried to mix it all together to get the whipped cream to smooth out the booze, but the alcohol still got stronger as we sipped it down. It was perfect for sharing (one to myself would get me in trouble), and we were perfectly warmed up for our walk back down C-street.

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