Organic Cucumber Margarita

This light and refreshing take on a traditional margarita still packs that tequila punch.

Savannah Waszczuk

Feb 2014

Margaritas have always been my go-to happy hour choice, so I was particularly pumped to try the Organic Cucumber Margarita at Touch (1620 E. Republic Rd., Springfield, 417-823-8383, touch-restaurant.com). I recently ordered this $8.50 drink, and I said yes to a salted rim. (Really, is that even a question?) Knowing this ’rita was made with organic cucumber, I expected it to be nothing like the original, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s still made with tequila, which gives it that flavorful margarita depth. The additions include Dekuyper O3 Brazilian Orange Liqueur, which works with the lime to create a big citrusy punch, plus muddled fresh cucumber and Thatcher’s Organic cucumber which, while subtle, make the entire concoction refreshing and crisp. The salt provides the same lip-smacking accompaniment as always, and the entire thing goes down a little easier than the pungent drink it is inspired by. I’ll take another, please.

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