How to Wear It: Pink

Pink can be romantic, or it can be wild. Local style experts share their tips for making sure the shade of pink you wear matches the statement you want to make.

By Rose Marthis | Photo by Kevin O’Riley

Feb 2016

“I’d probably start with an accessory, like a bag, to see how you feel about pink before you commit to a wardrobe piece.” —Andrea Pena with MODERN Society,

DON’T: Forget About Intimates

“I love the pink intimate items just to give you a touch of pink if your shirt is a little sheer or open in the back.” —Tara Hamilton with STAXX, 

DO: Show Off Your Style

“Your attire is the first way you can express your personality to people. Try soft dusty rose colors to make a classy, elegant, womanly feel.” —Ashley Holt with Shaila’s Boutique, 

DON’T: Start a Color War

“Don’t wear it with orange and bright blue and yellow. Tone it down and just use it as an accent color instead of your main color.” —A.H.

DON’T: Do Two Trends At Once

“If you love that bright-pink sweater, pair it with something classic like a dark flare jean. Don’t choose an item to go with it that will compete with the sweater. You want the items to complement each other.” —T.H

DO: Tone It Down

“Try to keep the whole outfit neutral, or pair it with another pop of color. Soft grays, tans, whites and creams mixed in with soft pink is classic and feminine.” —A.P. 

DON’T: Make Yourself Look Too Young 

“Sometimes pink can come off a little youthful. If you are wearing pink to work, make sure you add a sophisticated element, like a pale pink silk blouse with a high-waisted skirt.” —T.H. 

DO: Keep It Casual

“Casual settings should include casual colors. If you want to wear pink that’s great, just make it a dusty pink or a rose color rather than flamingo pink.” —A.H.

DO: Keep It Solid

“Some pinks with added patterns can be a little overpowering and take away from whatever you are doing in your line of work.” —T.H

DON’T: Paste It All Over

“Avoid wearing head-to-toe pink and getting too monochromatic or matchy-matchy.” —A.P. 

DO: Use Neon Sparingly

“Neon pink is fine for a color run or working out but not the best if you are wanting to look professional.” —A.H.

DO: Limit Yourself

“If you’re wearing pink to work, invest in one piece. A pink skinny pant paired with a black or gray top, or a pink blazer with a neutral bottom. Bright neon pink from head to toe is going to be loud and bold.” —A.P. 

DO: Match Your Personality

“If you want to wear pink but you’re not a super girly girl, then wear structured, refined pieces rather than a floo-floo piece. A soft pink blazer with black leather leggings is edgier.” —A.P. 

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