Great American Taco Company Review

Springfield Gourmet Taco Company takes our favorite finger food—the taco—to a new level with a menu that ups the ante on what a taco should taste like.

By Dylan Whitaker

Jan 2014

Colorful tacos with cheese, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.
Photo by Kevin O'RileyThe Christmas chicken taco and the cheeseburger taco. Purchase Photo

Great American Taco Company

2915 E Battlefield Rd, 417-315-8745

I have always been told I have a big mouth, but last week for the first time ever, I had a taco that I had to eat with a fork and a knife. The tacos at Great American Taco Company are big, as in after one I was ready to throw in the towel.

Associate Publisher Logan Aguirre and I dropped in to the Taco Company in need of a quick lunch since it’s right down the street from our office. We started with Ozarks-style guacamole, which came with a mashed avocado mixed with cream cheese and bacon and topped with a deep-fried jalapeño popper. It was delicious to say the least.

Our server advised that one taco each would fill us up. I thought to myself, how big are these tacos? I can eat three to six tacos in my sleep. I wasn’t really hungry, but I ignorantly ordered two tacos anyway.

I picked the Christmas chicken taco ($4) and the cheeseburger taco ($4), and out of the six shells to choose from, I went with a soft flour shell for both. You can choose a blue-corn hard shell, a flour hard or soft shell, a corn soft shell, jalapeño bread or a lettuce wrap, or for $1 you can get your ingredients stuffed into an avocado. 

The colorful Christmas taco came loaded with super-tender bits of chicken drizzled with spicy red and green chili sauces, and it was finished with finely shredded smoked cheddar cheese and fresh lettuce. 

The cheeseburger taco was chock-full of seasoned ground beef, caramelized onion and nacho cheese and was piled high with smoked cheddar cheese and shredded lettuce, then drizzled with a spicy jalapeño ketchup. I really liked the flour shell. It was thick and chewy and strong enough to hold all the delicious filling. 

Both tacos were huge. It was a three-step process to get my first bite. First, I held the taco with two hands to keep the tasty treats enclosed. Second, I pressed the sides of the taco together to create a manageable bite. And third, I did a little shimmy shake with the taco to get it into my mouth. My hard work paid off, and I was rewarded with a tasty lunch. But after the Christmas chicken taco, I only managed two bites of my cheeseburger taco and had to box it up to take home. Next time, I will listen to the server.

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