How to Wear It: Neon

It’s time to brighten up your wardrobe with the latest must-haves in neon. But before you slide those bronzed legs into a new pair of neon pink skinnies, check out these do’s and don’ts from 417-land fashion pros.

By Ettie Berneking | Styled by Shaun Mccaulla

Jul 2015

Do: Ease into neon.

“If you’re new to neon, start with accessories like a neon handbag or jewelry.”—Carissa Bedford, owner of Torn Boutique

Don’t: Pair black with neon. 

“That color combination harkens back the ’80s and can quickly look outdated. Instead of black, try wearing navy, ivory, white or stone colors to soften the bright neon.”—Tammy Kirks, marketing director at Harem & Company

Do: Find neon colors that look good together.

“This season it’s all about mixing patterns and prints, even in neon. Look for colors that complement each other like bright blues and oranges or pinks and yellows.”—Sarah Schaeffer, owner of The Uptown Boutique

Do: Stick with colors you know you look best in.

“If you look best in navy, then find something in electric blue. It’s all about taking your everyday color palette and adding in neon.”—Bedford 

Don’t: Forget about coral.

“There are some really fabulous neon colors, but if you’re worried about which color looks best on you, veer toward coral. The rich hues are universally flattering and look great on almost any skin tone.”—Kirks 

Do: Wear neon to work.

“Neon doesn’t have to be a weekend-only look. Don’t be afraid to wear it to work. Just pair your neon item with something darker. Throw on a navy blazer or skirt, and you suddenly have a professional but stylish ensemble.”—Schaeffer  

Don’t: Over-accessorize.

“Neon is a personality and should be the center of attention, so keep the jewelry toned down. Layering delicate gold or silver chains is a great go-to look with neon.”—Kirks 

Do: Tie neon into seasonal looks.

“This season’s classic black and white color scheme is very in and goes great with neon belts, shoes and accessories.”—Schaeffer 

Don’t: Go too heavy on the neon. 

“If your shoes, dress and accessories are all neon, that’s too much! Keep one core piece of your outfit neon and the rest neutral.”—Bedford 

Do: Be mindful of fashion faux pas. 

“For the love of God, wear nude undergarments when you wear neon.”—Kirks