Bag it Up with Summery Straw Purses

Start dreaming of paradise with these straw gems, replete with heavenly details and boho textures.

Styled by Callie Hindman and Heather Kane

Jul 2018

1. Hand-woven fold-over rectangle rattan bag, smoked over coconut husk, $65 at Five Pound Apparel

2. Bali Straw Purse with red and orange cloth interior and snap closure, $74 at Clothe Boutique

3. Paros round straw bag with zip closure, $72 at MODERN Society

4. Hand-woven round rattan bag smoked over coconut husk, $75 at Five Pound Apparel 

5. Hand-woven round rattan basket bag, smoked over coconut husk with colorful cloth interior, $75 at Five Pound Apparel

6. Ibiza Pom Pom Straw Tote with zip closure, $64 at Clothe Boutique

7. Lou basket bag with cinch closure, $68 at MODERN Society

8. Circle straw tote with magnetic snap closure, $68 at Modern Society

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