Foods as Fuel

Trying to tank up for a big workout? These superfoods can help keep you going for the long haul.

By Miranda McCabe

Jun 2014


Yerba mate tea contains adaptogens, making it a great choice for anyone who enjoys endurance sports. 

Foods not only satisfy your taste buds, but they also help the body fuel up for different exercises. Jessica Idleman, holistic nutritionist and health coach with Glow Nutrition (, suggests foods that will benefit your workouts while still keeping you healthy.

1. Chia Seeds
If you need a food to increase endurance and longevity while rock climbing or to lengthen your daily run, start eating chia seeds. This superfood has protein, quickens post-run recovery and fights dehydration. When put in water, chia seeds can expand as large as 12 times their size and turn into chia gels. Holding onto water, these gels become complex carbohydrates that give off long, steady energy instead of the short bursts of energy that are given by refined sugars. 

2. Spirulina
For strength training and body building, spirulina is an effective sustenance for your body. This fresh water algae is rich in protein (6070 percent protein by weight) and contains tons of vitamin B. It also helps with mental clarity and fat convergence and increases energy.

3. Yerba Mate
Instead of starting your day with coffee, try drinking tea. Yerba mate tea is perfect for cyclists, runners and adventure-seekers. It contains adaptogens (that’s a general term for herbal compounds) that give energy—perfect for endurance sports.