Beach Please: Sea-Inspired Home Goods We Love

Beachy sea glass, driftwood and accessories inspired by the ocean create seriously therapeutic spa vibes, and we just can’t get enough.

By Heather Kane

May 2018

1) Frosty Mint
This sea glass bottle ($50 at The Market) has the most beautiful color and texture. For added impact, try using these driftwood branches ($11 each at The Market).

2) Wall Works
Try this driftwood bowl ($69.95 at Me & My House) as a wall hanging or as a centerpiece filled with shells for a natural display. 

3) Jug Love
There is just something about these giant jugs, and this one ($63 at The Market) is a favorite. 

4) Organic Charm
This coral vase ($59 at The Market) is so versatile. Use it as is in a bathroom or bedroom, or stick a few floral stems in it for an artful display. 

5) Pearl Desire
With the perfect combination of glam and natural, this pearlescent vase ($88 at James Decor) is a must-have. 

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