Liven Up Your Space with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add life, color and a breath of fresh air to interiors, and local boutiques have dreamy plants and pots to satisfy any style.

By Jewel Perkins and Heather Kane

Nov 2017

Photo by Brandon Alms

1. 10-inch cissus plant with pot, $43, hanging accessory, $20 both at Flora & Fern

2. 6-inch pencil cactus, $18, etched pot, $45 both at Flora & Fern

3. 6-inch croton plant, $21, concrete pot, $35 both at Flora & Fern

4. 8-inch rubber plant, $40, wooden case, $30 both at Flora & Fern 

5. Lysimachia plant, $3.98, head planter, $119.95 both at Wickman’s Garden Village; wooden pedestal, $20 at Flora & Fern

6. Dracena indoor plant, $35, bubble pot, $49.95 both at Wickman’s Garden Village

7. 10-inch spathiphyllum Sensation plant, $27, basket holder, $99 both at Flora & Fern