How to Wear Flared Jeans

Bring back the 1970s by rocking this season’s newest denim silhouette, the flare. Here are five ways to rock your look this month.

Styled by Heather Kane | Photos by Brandon Alms

Oct 2016

Parker Smith Felicity Into The Blue denim, $168 at MODERN Society

Style Tip:

The thing is, flares are not as easy to wear as skinny jeans because they almost always require heels to fit properly. But trust us, it’s worth it! When the break of the bell is smooth, your legs will look a mile long.


1. Qupid Watch Hugo mule sandals, $38 at The Uptown Boutique; Society A Muse lacie knit body suit, $72 at STAXX; Silverwater double buckle belt, $234 at STAXX

​2. MuMu lenz spaghetti top, $96 at STAXX; Entro Make Me Like You tunic dress, $44 at The Uptown Boutique; Qupid Boys Chase Boys booties, $36 at The Uptown Boutique

3. POL varsity tee, $39 at The Uptown Boutique; Sanctuary plaid bomber, $139 at Town & County

4. Equipment Femme slim blouse, $198 at STAXX; Tassel pendant, $38 at STAXX; Wild Wild West booties, $49 at The Uptown Boutique

5. When School Starts plaid top, $42 at The Uptown Boutique; ADA wrap belt, $79.95 at The Market


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