Pantone’s Fall Color Trends

Looking to spruce up your home with a paint color makeover? Start with the 2018 Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for the fall season, talk to your favorite local paint dealer and then break out those rollers!

By Katie Pollock Estes

Sep 2018

Valiant poppy wall white couch
The rich, bold red called Valiant Poppy is the perfect trending color to spice up an accent wall this season.

Just like meteorologists who study the weather to forecast what is likely ahead (so we can plan our weekends and try to remember—but ultimately forget—to grab our umbrellas before we leave the house), there are people who study color trends as well. And amazingly, they do it way, way in advance. In fact, Pantone—the company whose color standards and research help shape and reflect the trends you eventually see on the runway and on store shelves—released its fall 2018 Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report way back in February.

That’s because the fall color forecast all starts with New York Fashion Week. It takes what designers show on the runway and distills it into a list of hues that can hint at what you might see in home furnishings and home accessories this season. However, if you aren’t in the market to refurnish your livings spaces right now, the colors can also inspire you as you look for ways to spruce up your walls and add some color in simple ways.

What we love about this fall’s hottest colors is that some of them are a bit unexpected. Sure, a deep red, an earthy olive and a warm orange make perfect sense for fall. But Pantone also threw in an airy light violet with Crocus Petal—something that keeps a little brightness in the season. And Limelight, a yellow-green huge, is so brilliant you almost need sunglasses. These lighter, brighter colors bring life to the more subdued and warm colors that round out the list. 

How can you make this magical fall palette part of your life? We recommend finding a Benjamin Moore version of these Pantone colors, so you can incorporate them into your home in the form of high-quality paints that will look great for years to come. Locally, you can find Benjamin Moore paints at Seminole Paint & Décor Center and Spectrum Paint.

The Palette

Red Pear
PANTONE 19-1536
Reminds Us Of: Dogwood leaves in fall

Valiant Poppy
PANTONE 18-1549
Reminds Us Of: Japanese maple leaves 

Nebulas Blue
PANTONE 18-4048
Reminds Us Of: An indigo bunting
Ceylon Yellow
PANTONE 15-0850
Reminds Us Of: Turmeric-roasted veggies

Martini Olive
PANTONE 18-0625
Reminds Us Of: An autumn hiking trail

Russet Orange
PANTONE 16-1255
Reminds Us Of: A front-porch jack-o-lantern

Ultra Violet
PANTONE 18-3838
Reminds Us Of: A head of ornamental kale 
Crocus Petal
PANTONE 15-3520
Reminds Us Of: Light purple mums

PANTONE 12-0740
Reminds Us Of: Pomelo zest

Quetzal Green
PANTONE 18-5025
Reminds Us Of: Peacock feathers