British Isles Date Night Cooking Class

Sharpen your culinary skills at a Date Night Cooking Class.

By Tessa Cooper

Jan 2024

British Isles Cooking Night at Pickwick and Cherry
Photo by Tessa Cooper

On a recent chilly Friday night, my husband, Chandler, and I made our way to Pickwick & Cherry, but I’m not talking about the street intersection itself here. I’m referring to the cozy little bakeshop tucked behind Culture Flock, where Katie Kring doles out cookies and pies and also inspires the minds of curious home cooks. On this particular visit, we were there to attend her British Isles Date Night Cooking Class and learn how to make beef Wellington, champ mashed potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise, honey-glazed carrots and whiskey-laced sticky toffee pudding. Kring was waiting for us outside, ready to greet her pupils for the night and guide them to the front entrance, which can be a little tricky for novices to find. To kick off the evening, Kring told us to “Make peace with being in the way.” Even though she limits each class to five couples, it’s a tiny kitchen. Once we grabbed our aprons, it was time to start chopping up our vegetables. Each step in the process is a group effort, so by the end of the night, you’ll really get to know your classmates and perhaps make a new friend. My favorite part of the entire experience was the divine smells that wafted my way, like the earthy aroma of the mushroom pâté and the notes of vanilla in the laced sticky toffee. Once we were done making the meal, Kring dimmed the lights and threw a red tablecloth over the prep table, and we all got to enjoy the delicious fruits of our labor. Overall, attending the cooking class gives you a small taste of the fast pace of working in a commercial kitchen, and you can expect to learn techniques you can apply to other meals. It’s a bit like watching an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, only Kring is much nicer than Gordon Ramsay. 

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