How American Heritage Got Its Start

American Heritage, a recent addition to the Springfield shopping scene, emerges from humble beginnings. Owners Michael and Aisha Doss hope to use their business to foster friendships, encourage conversations and host various groups and events.

By Em Blackstone

Apr 2024

American Heritage
Photo by Brandon AlmsAmerican Heritage sells their own line of products including everything from roasted corn to pomade. Purchase Photo

American Heritage, the long-awaited store for owners Michael and Aisha Doss, opened their doors in December. What started as a hobby making soaps using whiskey and wine bases in 2016 eventually evolved to selling Michael’s products at a local wine shop, then global wholesales of 2,500 stores, and now their own shop located off Republic Road. The Dosses had their eye on one building in particular.

When the opportunity arose, they made the leap in June, not even telling their closest friends. Soon after opening, a customer revealed stories of the building’s original owners, her grandparents. Her grandfather, a greenskeeper for Twin Oaks Country Club, built it as a cabin for fellow workers. “After we found that out, it makes it even more homey for us,” Michael says. “And that’s kind of how we want to treat it. It is kind of like a home away from home.”

About 90% of American Heritage’s products are crafted by the couple, with the rest contributed by friends and acquaintances they met throughout their journey. Their diverse inventory spans from outdoor essentials like fire starters, wood and lanterns to personal and home items such as candles, incense, room sprays, cologne, perfume, clothing, bags and blankets. Customers can also find an assortment of tea blends, cocktail kits, stationery items and kids’ and pet products. The Dosses wanted to be a one-stop shop, and they held true to their word. 

The couple takes inspiration from their young children and other personal connections, infusing brands and products with meaningful elements. “With Wilder and Co., our son’s middle name is Wilde, and that was our second line,” says Aisha. “So everything that we have and everything we make has little hidden meanings in them that people don’t even realize.”

Beyond business, American Heritage aspires to revive in-person community connections often lost in today’s online world. “We just want to do some fun stuff here, not just be a retail store where you come in, you buy stuff and you leave,” says Michael. “We want you to come here and hang out.” 

The couple envisions hosting farmers markets, charity events, pop-ups from local stores and even outdoor movie nights. The doors of American Heritage are not just open for business, but also for making it a home for everyone and fostering a sense of community.