Drivable Weekend Getaways from Springfield, Missouri

Play hooky and take Friday off. We've rounded up the best things to do over a long weekend in places like Memphis, Oklahoma City, Hot Springs and Omaha. Pack your bags and get the car ready—all of these destinations are within driving distance!

By Jenna deJong | Art Direction by Fried Design Co.

Jan 2019

Couple hitting the road in a yellow convertible
Photo by Brandon AlmsPlan a trip for yourself, you and your friends or you and your family. Whatever your plans, we've found the best things to do over your long weekend. Purchase Photo

Hours spent sitting in a rolling chair staring at a computer or checking the clock waiting for the next meeting to begin make the days and weeks blur together. Before you know it, January turns into April, and four months fly by without a hint of adventure. Taking a break and playing hooky for a day is nice, but don’t you usually spend it catching up on laundry or grocery shopping? Leave the monotony of a routine at home and expand your hooky skills to the beauty of the Midwest. Long weekends are meant for a combination of relaxation and exploration, and Missouri and its surrounding states hold underrated gems just waiting for you. Even better? We planned the entire escape so you don’t have to. Pack your bags and read on because this year just got a whole lot more exciting. Don't forget to take your #wheres417 photo while you're away!

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